GLOWA has recently begun a campaign on Indiegogo to raise just $1500 for sewing machines and equipment to kick-start vocational training:

More than 80% of the children working in Cameroon’s three leading cities, Yaounde, Douala and Bamenda, are victims of child trafficking (UNICEF report). Additionally, UNICEF and other independent NGOs report that the North West Region of Cameroon is the leading recruitment region in central Africa.  This is where we are located.

Multiple stakeholders are engaged in awareness creation, which has helped give victims of child trafficking the courage to speak out and oppose exploitation.  Unfortunately, this awareness has not been properly followed by an alternative to the ‘pull factor’.  The ‘pull factor’ is the desire of many children to acquire marketable skills, such as a trade or an education.  Traffickers often deceive children by promising them work, training, or study opportunities in secondary schools.  Eventually as victims grow older and break off from their masters, many are forced to become survival sex workers.

GLOWA wants to address this problem by creating a survivors support center.  The center will provide these children with counseling, mentoring, vocational training, and job support services. We are looking for passionate people to join us on this journey!

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