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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Bentine Angwang

His training is in the local governance sector. Presently employed by the government of Cameroon and a committed teal leader of GLOWA.


Deputy Chairperson of the Board

Gillian Ajende

Masters in Law specializing in investment law, Gillian works with the municipality of Wum in the North West Region.

Her municipality happens to be one of the major catchment localities for child trafficking and gender based violence in the region.



Secretary to the Board

Peter Ambanado

A jurist by training Agendia is an excellent team member whose responsibility is to oversee the development of community engagement tools, produce gadgets and ensure periodic community awareness creation activities.

Member of the Board

Nickson Amboazum

Mr Nickson Amboazum is a business man and a traditional personality who has a mastery of the patriarchal traditional set up of the North West Region where we work.

Member of the Board


Lizette Bih

A lecturer and active team member.

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