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Become a dedicated donor today! 

GLOWA is looking for dedicated donors for the GLOWA Haus project. 


Children rescued from human trafficking have been captive and without hope. We aim to create an environment that promotes a sense a freedom and value, that can help these children heal and find joy in life.

It can give them a place to call home.

























Project Description

Shown above are designs for the GLOWA House.  The main goal of the project is to provide the very much-needed safe and confidential housing to victims of abuse in Bamenda, Cameroon. The design and construction of the home shall ensure emergency services of lodging, feeding, clothing, healthcare, and proper case management to at risk youths as a way of preventing trafficking and/or re-trafficking. The home shall host and provide holistic rehabilitation to at risk young people such as orphans, children of single, adolescent mothers, street children, young drug abusers, etc.  It shall provide individual and group support services and facilitate their reinsertion process through job search, job placement and/or seed grants. It would be a one-stop facility that shall create opportunities for the full development of potential through multiple engaging activities for clients and help raise the profile of child trafficking and child abuse in Cameroon. We hope to develop it into a hub for the protection of women and children from violence, offering research opportunities to students and engaging victims in advocacy for policy formulation and improvement.


Project Overview

This facility is composed of a campus of buildings totaling 1,175 square meters (12,650 square feet).  There is a central courtyard and space for a playground and a garden as well.

The program includes housing for 50 children and 10-20 staff members, a kitchen, laundry services, a health center, offices, and workshops for vocational training

The facility will be constructed primarily with concrete masonry units on a poured concrete foundation

We estimate that the project will cost about $680,000 to build, and that construction will take at least two years to complete.

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