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Meet our Team

Executive Director 

Jamils Richard Achunji Anguaseh

Founder and Vision bearer of GLOWA. Jurist by training and team leader. More than 15 years of nonprofit management and counter trafficking activist. 

IVLP Alumni 


Case Manager/Supervisor of Vocational Training Program 

Estelle Ivoson

Director Business Development

Sharon Anwendong

M.Sc in Management and a young activist who has chosen to make a career in the humanitarian sector in a country where most of her peers go for government employment.

Finance Clerk 

Anastasia Egemang 

Holds a diploma in accounting. She is a mother and humanitarian.

Community Engagement Officer

Eric Ekukolle

A Youth Animator by training and Phd Fellow who is very committed and in charge to designing our community engagement strategy and maintaining close contact with our entry/contact persons.

He negotiates access to prone communities through appropriate entry points and liaise with government and local traditional and religious authorities.

Volunteer Community Animator

Desmond Ngu Tanwie

Volunteer Community Animator

Agenda Flavion

A jurist by training Agendia is an excellent team member whose responsibility is to oversee the development of community engagement tools, produce gadgets and ensure periodic community awareness creation activities.

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