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Our Story

The causes of child-trafficking in Africa are well documented with the main determinants being poverty, poor education, disease and military unrest.  Cameroon struggles with all of  these, and has become a country of origin, transit and destination for trafficked children. The majority are enticed away from their disadvantaged families with the promise of education, employment and a better life, but sadly the reality is very different with most finding themselves forced into manual labour, domestic service, crime or prostitution.  Rescued victims are often traumatised and in need of shelter, food, medical and psychological care, education, vocational training, and family tracing.


GLOWA (Global Welfare Association), Cameroon is a counter-trafficking NGO, based in Bamenda in the North West Republic of Cameroon. The charity was established in 2004 by Jamils Achunji Anguaseh, himself a survivor of child-trafficking, who was determined to prevent further trafficking within his community and to provide much needed support to victims. GLOWA has grown significantly over the past ten years with many other survivors of trafficking joining the team, bringing with them first-hand experiences that continually inform GLOWA’s programs and investments. Today, GLOWA is organised around programs to identify trafficking scams, educate communities, lobby policy-makers and deliver programs to help in the rehabilitation of victims.


GLOWA enjoys special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) and is also a member of the Commonwealth 8.7 Network, a global network of 60+ local organisations working to eradicate contemporary forms of slavery and human trafficking.  It is also works closely with ‘End Violence Against Children’ and ‘Stop the Traffik’.

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