What We Do


Trafficking Awareness


Raising awareness on child trafficking and its impact on rural and urban communities


Human Trafficking awareness program seeks to improve on the situation of limited information amongst the population on human trafficking and its effects. The program uses all available tools and outlets to inform its target public on human (child) trafficking.

Community Involvement

We seek to create a community of informed child trafficking abolitionist through establishing partnerships with local and traditional authorities for easy information flow. The Education Department is a major partner that has permitted campus tour campaigns to reach and empower children. Training and engaging children and other community members as community actors. These actors include community observatories, young peer campaigners etc.

Program Activities and Projects

  • Campus Tour Campaign
  • Community Film Shows

  • Public Presentation

  • Seminar and Workshop Trainings

  • Posters, Flyers, Brochures, etc

  • Animated Campaigners Manuals

  • Community Observatories


Become A Volunteer - remotely or locally


Community Involvement


Counter Child Trafficking Resource Center to provide resources and research opportunities to the general community on child trafficking


This is the Think-Tank of GLOWA’s counter human trafficking interventions that will serve to provide information on success stories within and without the organization. Considering the low level of human trafficking on public agenda in Cameroon, information on its prevalence and the underlying causes is near unavailable. The counter child trafficking resource center seeks to provide information to activist on human (child) trafficking in Cameroon and offer opportunities for continuous education through seminars to service providers. It shall offer national and international students with internship opportunities to get first had information by working closely with victims through collaboration with other programs of GLOWA and local partners. The center shall also conduct research and make data available for advocacy and policy improvement.

Program Activities and Projects

  • Research

  • Design of Training Packages

  • Seminars and Workshops

  • Media Campaigns

  • Publication of Resource Materials



Support for Victims


To provide safe rehabilitation services to current and potential victims


We strongly agree that prevention is a major way of combating child trafficking and slavery in Cameroon. However, while efforts are made to reach vulnerable children in the rural recruitment localities with information on trafficking scams, ongoing support is offered to existing victims.

Program Activities and Projects

Professional rehabilitation through:

  • The Survivor Academic Rescue Fund

  • Basic Healthcare

  • Counseling

  • Paralegal Support


The development of marketable skills including:

  • Motor Mechanics

  • Industrial Welding

  • Tailoring

  • Traditional Embroidery





To encourage policy at local and national levels that will contribute to reducing child trafficking and abuse.


Funding Audit

At GLOWA we do internal auditing. We are open to external auditing if a donor requires that.We don’t enjoy much external funding so we have never had an external auditing.

The board conducts an internal auditing at least once a year. Same for evaluation. Details can be shared on request for full transparency.