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What We Do

At the core of GLOWA is a dedicated Counter-Trafficking Resource Centre which has two key functions. Firstly, the Centre acts as a think tank, providing research, insights, workshops and intelligence on trafficking across Cameroon. The data informs all of GLOWA’s areas of activity in addition to keeping the issue of child-trafficking high on the agendas of activists and policy-makers. The Centre’s research and insights were pivotal in helping secure the first legal counter-trafficking instrument in Cameroon.


Secondly, the Centre, working with the Department of Education, has been able to draw on the direct experiences of its own team of ‘survivors’ to establish a highly successful community education program. Using school campus tours, workshops and marketing campaigns, GLOWA estimates that it has already reached over 5,000 children aged between 9 and 13, getting ahead of the child-traffickers to educate those most at risk on the tactics frequently used to lure them away from their families. Many of these children have gone on to become campaigners in their own right, helping to spread the message further. 


The rehabilitation of child-trafficking victims, is another key component of GLOWA’s work. Current methods of rehabilitation in Cameroon are costly and rely on placement training programs which fall short in mental health support and the building of skills. As a result, GLOWA is establishing a more comprehensive program of ‘holistic’ rehabilitation which will provide for a broader range of needs.  ‘GLOWAHaus Rehabilitation’ will be a modular program of instructor and on-line learning which will fill key educational gaps and build marketable skills, initially in sewing and needlework with other vocational training to follow such as hairdressing, shoemaking and embroidery. Legal, social and mental health support will be delivered by dedicated resources who will build skills in confidence and support those suffering from trauma. Provisions for shelter will also be included in the program with an in-the-community accommodation program and longer-term plans for a dedicated facility. 


The development of the module focused on delivering vocational training in sewing, (Sew-A-Future) is well underway and recognised by GLOWA as key to the successful rehabilitation of victims. It is intended that a ‘Survivors’ Brand’ will be developed from the clothing produced which will help to cover future operating costs.  

Finally, GLOWA offers an optional one-year program called ‘FollowCare’, which provides entrepreneurial development, microfinancing, marketing support and business mentorship to those survivors wanting to developing their own businesses.  


GLOWA is driven by three guiding principles of inform, empower and transform and is committed to driving a critical shift in mindset from one of victimhood and dependency to one of survival and independence.  


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